Stitcher Makes On-Demand Streaming Simple

Streaming music may be getting all the attention, but one streaming platform is getting plenty of traction with streaming talk programming. Stitcher lets listeners select from a long list of streamed radio and listen to it when they want, from lots of devices.

The platform has been around for quite awhile, and got a little bit of attention a while back when it landed a big deal with Ford – alongside Pandora, which got all the publicity. Now Stitcher also has deals with GM and Buick as well, with features that include voice activation. Stitcher started out positioning itself as a podcasting tool, which could explain why it stayed lower on the radar than some other streaming tools that have gotten more publicity. 

Stitcher takes the best parts of podcasting – the ability to listen to high quality, mainly talk programming, on-demand, and makes it much more convenient by eliminating the need for syncing or updating. Listeners can create “stations” that include all the content they want, and then listen to it when they want. It’s a great option for folks who like to listen online but want more than their music streams.

Stitcher is also a great option for content providers. They’ve just announced a new deal with SModcast, one of the biggest podcast shows on iTunes that will create a 24/7 Internet radio station that will feature live and archived radio programs from Kevin Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach and Jason Mewes and be available on Stitcher’s free mobile and iPad™ apps.

Stitcher pulls content from more than 5000 media sources into a handy streaming tool that auto manufacturers have identified as a basic element for dashboards. That makes it an important platform for content providers who are looking for in-dash exposure as well…

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  1. […] to a recent article in Audio 4Cast, the Stitcher app is a free download for Android, iPad, BlackBerry and other mobile devices. […]

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