Mobile is Exploding

Mary Meeker is widely considered to be an expert when it comes to spotting trends online. Formerly at Morgan Stanley, Ms Meeker is now a partner at KPCB. She spoke recently at a Google hosted Think Mobile event where she predicted that the pace of mobile growth will cause major disruptions and shifts. 

Mobile use has hit critical mass but is nowhere near done growing, and that’s having a huge impact on shopping behavior and media consumption. Social networking is accelerating mobile usage. As usage grows, new partners, products and behaviors will emerge. According to Ms Meeker, “Mobile is revolutionizing commerce.” Location based services enabling targeted discounting and immediate gratification offers will have a huge impact on retail purchases.

Google projects that by the end of this year 50% of Americans will have a smartphone. 

So here’s the thing I’m thinking about. Yesterday’s post had a chart that showed how popular streaming audio on mobile devices is, and how fast it’s growing. Today we’re talking about what a huge impact those mobile devices actually have on consumer behavior. Are streaming audio platforms working to figure out ways to reach listeners with effective mobile messaging? 

It’s worth the time it takes to view this video that shows how Google is doing it…

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