Pandora’s A Natural For Lipton Iced Tea Promotion

Lipton Iced Tea has teamed up with Pandora for a summer promotion that encourages listeners and tea drinkers to “Discover the Natural Side of Music.” All natural Lipton Iced Tea will sponsor a summer long promotion designed to emphasize the all natural ingredients in Lipton Iced Tea by tying in with acoustic concerts, artist videos and exclusive channels on Pandora. 

 Lipton and PANDORA internet radio will continue to engage fans by bringing exclusive and compelling content from major artists including Train, Kelly Clarkson, Bon Jovi, and more—representing a variety of genres. Each will share the unique and personal natural roots of their music as part of a video series on Lipton’s Facebook page.

Fans can also interact with the natural elements of music on Lipton PANDORA internet radio stations to cater to their musical preferences. Stations include Lipton Pop (, Lipton Country (, Lipton Rock ( and Lipton Hip-Hop (

This is a nice illustration of smart creative ways that Pandora and other online stations can offer value to advertisers that’s far removed from cost per thousand advertising. Pandora’s channels are the centerpiece of this brand’s promotion, the added value that they are offering their customers. The interactive channels that they have created will extend their brand further than any generic ad campaign ever could.

Are you thinking about how can you create smart advertising that adds that kind of value for your advertisers?

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