comScore: Mobile is Internet Radio’s Value Proposition

comScore, in releasing new data from its Total Universe report, has highlighted Internet radio and Pandora as an example of the kind of online service that is likely to gain more or most of its traffic via mobile channels. comScore’s Total Universe report “provides audience measurement for 100 percent of a site’s traffic, including usage via mobile phones, apps, tablets and shared computers such as Internet cafes.”

In its first blog post focused on the new reporting, comScore cites Pandora as an excellent example because it attracts “a significant percentage of its users via mobile (which in this case includes web browsing on phones and tablets, as well as access via mobile apps).” In April 2011, Pandora’s Total Universe web traffic was 74% higher than traffic noted solely on home and work computers.

It’s important to note that comScore data is focused on traffic to web sites rather than timed listening to streaming, so these numbers represent visitors to websites or web apps, but not actual listening.

In fact, 42% of Pandora’s web traffic was only via mobile devices, and they claim an impressive 35% reach among smartphones.

Having identified Pandora as a service that sees a very large proportion of its audience via mobile traffic, comScore goes on to note “that the example highlights the extent to which mobile can drive traffic for certain brands – especially those whose value proposition largely relies on mobility, such as Internet radio.

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