Survey: 45% of Radio Listeners Are Listening Weekly Online

Jacobs Media has updated their annual survey of radio listeners tech likes and habits. TechSurvey 7 reports on radio listeners use of “media, gadgets and digital relationships.” Broadcast radio plays a major role in the lives of those surveyed, in fact, the respondents were sent the survey because they have a relationship with a radio station and are in a station’s database. Some 70 stations participated in the survey. As in past years, the study focused on stations with Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative and Triple A formats.

The survey found that while listeners continue to have relationships with their broadcast stations, they have expanded the relationship across various media channels. For example, 24%  now listen to the station online, 30% visit the station’s website, and 20% are connected with their station on Facebook. In fact, 77% of all respondents have a Facebook profile.

Almost half – a solid 45% of those surveyed – listen to Internet radio on a weekly basis. They listen to broadcast stations, and to Pandora. The survey says Pandora was in third place, but that was behind “the station that sent them the survey” and “other local stations.” I suspect that if Pandora were compared to any single station’s showing in the survey it would be on top.

Other noteworthy findings: satellite radio is not gaining listeners among this group, although HD Radio gained slightly moving from 4 to 6% who listen. You can read more about it here.

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