New Top Level Domain .Radio Coming Soon

Based on a new plan recently approved by ICANN, there will soon be a new domain for radio on the web. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, has approved a plan to dramatically increase the number of Internet generic top-level domains. This clears the way for BRS Media, who has been working with ICANN on the development of a .RADIO extension.

BRS Media Inc. will apply for the .radio top level domain through the ICANN gTLD application process, once the window for new gTLD opens. Applicants will be subject to approval by ICANN’s governing board. BRS Media already manages .fm and .am and is optimistic about the prospects for the .radio extension.

“Within our Industry, the online future is vibrant. From cell phone streaming applications to new In Car and In Flight Wi-Fi access, Internet Radio is now being consumed literally everywhere!” said George Bundy, Chairman and CEO of BRS Media Inc. “DotRadio will allow us to offer the most complete selection of domain extensions to interactive media companies worldwide.”

Indeed, Bundy knows what he’s talking about. He launched the .fm and .am extensions in 1998 and has been actively selling those web addresses. His company was named a top 5000 fastest growing private companies by Inc magazine. You can see him discuss the new .radio top level domain in this video:

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