Radio Loyalty’s Solution Just Right For Some Stations

Broadcasters looking for a comprehensive solution to their digital streaming needs may find what they need with Radio Loyalty. Radio Loyalty has put together a universal platform that provides stations with streaming and ad insertion, a mobile app, loyalty program for listeners and revenue opportunities.

“We are providing internet radio stations of all sizes the opportunity to be profitable and to be able to grow their audiences with predictable online revenue without having to make more investments in technology, personnel, or third party services.”  says Jeff Pescatello, EVP at Lenco Mobile, the company that owns Radio Loyalty.

Pescatello says they are seeing a lot of success selling video prerolls and mid-rolls on audio streams. Revenue is assigned to stations based on the number of listener hours they stream. Stations can generate as much as .03 to .05 per US listener hour on the platform if they are using the company’s streaming and universal player services. Stations can assign all of their online inventory to the program for Radio Loyalty to sell, or sell some themselves as well.

So what about video mid-rolls within an audio stream, is anyone watching? Pescatello says that’s one of the great things about their universal player which encourages listeners to interact. Listeners can rate songs, search, share music and more, which makes the video impressions worthwhile. In fact, they see 7 or 8 interactions per listener per hour. Listeners can register and then earn points for listening as well, something that translates to longer listening for stations.

For more information on Radio Loyalty’s offerings, visit their website here.

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