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SoBE’s Summer Ad Campaign Includes Internet Radio


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Pepsi’s SoBe brand has launched a summer campaign that takes full advantage of the visual and audio opportunities available to advertisers on Internet radio. The first day of the campaign, running on Pandora, featured the iconic SoBe lizard in a first ever in-tuner animated video ad that slithered across the player when listeners interacted with their stations.

The campaign targets male listeners 18-29 and ties in with ads that feature Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 Rookie of the Year, Kate Upton .Heidi Browning, Senior Vice President of Pandora Strategic Solutions, said, “We’re always excited about finding and developing new and engaging solutions that take full advantage of Pandora’s sight, sound, motion and emotional advertising solutions.

Ramond Romero, OMD Group Director for Pepsi Digital, said, “It’s refreshing to continuously develop programs which blend the lines of media and creative. We not only plan toward the ‘Try Everything’ campaign theme, we brought it to life with media on Pandora.”

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