Daily Archives: July 25th, 2011

Dollars Are Flowing Into Music Startups This Year

A few weeks back Digital Music News published a chart of all the investments into Music related startups this year. The amount totaled almost $400 million dollars. The big winner was Spotify, with bragging rights to a $100 million investment.

I’m not agreeing that Eventbrite is a music related startup, I think counting their $50m is a stretch. But Internet radio’s very own Targetspot is on the list, as well as others like MOG, Shazam, Rdio.

A couple of companies related to streaming have received undisclosed amounts of funding. Airkast, a mobile streaming tech company that builds apps for lots of online radio entities, and Livio Radio, a company that designs and sells Internet radio devices have received investments from Angel Street Capital. Late last year bandwidth and streaming tool provider Abacast took in a $500k as well.

For those keeping score it’s a fun list…

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