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Play It Again Sam

I’ve got my eye on Dar.fm because I think it’s a service that could really have an impact on the way that people listen to Internet radio. Dar.fm is a service that enables subscribers to record any Internet radio program. It’s one of the latest creations by Michael Robertson, one of the space’s most entrepreneurial people.

I recently got an email from Dar.fm talking about the latest improvements. The service now catalogs over 15,000 radio shows on more than 6,000 broadcast radio stations’ streams. Visit the site to search by personality, music genre, geographic location and more. Find what you want, click to record it and store it in your personal listening locker.

Robertson has recently added a new feature which takes note of all the listening choices and ranks programs in terms of popularity. Something I think will be very interesting as the service grows. Right now they’re recording over a million minutes of programming a day (more on weekdays and less on weekends).

So what are folks listening to? Talk shows are topped by NPR’s Fresh Air and All Things Considered, with Rush Limbaugh in third. In terms of popular music shows, it’s NPR at the top once again with its World Cafe, followed by KCRW‘s Morning Becomes Eclectic and one I’ve never heard of Exploring Music.

DAR.fm is essentially a DVR for radio, as reflected in its name. It’s not a new idea – Tunein, formerly RadioTime, has the same functionality built into its platform as RedButton.

Adding on demand interactivity to radio could bring lots of new listeners to stations that stream. It could be a stimulus for growing audience. It may also be a tool that makes streaming more interesting for broadcasters, particularly those who are creating good, unique content. While stations are prohibited by the DMCA from recording their programming, users are not, so it seems like a third party platform that enables the recordings is a good idea.

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