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Siriusly Streaming

Sirius XM has been streaming its programming and offering it as an add-on of $2.99 for subscribers to the satellite music service. Apparently that has been going well because now Sirius XM will enhance that service by adding programming that is not available via satellite to their streaming platform, including BBC Radio 1, programming that just last week was cancelled by Sirius XM as a satellite channel.

Rather than discontinuing its relationship with BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM is clearly using the channel to build more audience online. It will time shift the live programming to enable US listeners to listen in the same daypart that the programming is intended for. Sirius XM will also expand its coverage of BBC Radio 1’s programming and will also broadcast concerts from the extensive and wide-ranging BBC Radio  archive, many of which are not commercially available. by artists such as Led Zeppelin, U2, Lady Gaga, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Queen, The Cure and other music legends.

“We are happy to continue our valuable relationship with the BBC and thrilled to now be able to give our listeners access to BBC Radio 1 programming on our expanding internet platform as well as deliver special concert performances to a variety of our satellite radio channels. The additional programming ranges from legendary music icons to today’s rising stars whose exclusive performances for the BBC are featured regularly,” said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM.

In addition to adding BBC Radio 1 to its online offerings, Sirius XM will now offer other channels online only as well, including The Groove, CSpan, Neil Diamond Radio, Simon & Garfunkle Radio, Rosie radio, and more.

While this all kind of leaves me scratching my head, I think it’s safe to draw the conclusion that streaming is going well for the satellite broadcaster. How well is anyone’s guess, but it sure looks to me like they’re interested in keeping more than a toe in the Internet radio game…

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