It’s About TIME To Look At Some Other Great Streaming Music Sites

Time Magazine updated its list of the 50 best websites recently with their 2011 list of sites that make the Web so useful, entertaining and just plain indispensable. Rather than ranking the sites all in one list, they’re grouped into categories such as Music and Video sites. Two streaming sites make that list, including 8Tracks, which not only appears first in that category, but is the first site that shows up on the entire list online.

Time likes the fact that  on 8tracks, “members pick at least eight songs (hence the name) from their own collections, upload them and share them as handcrafted mixes that seem like a happy throwback from the cassette era.” 8tracks is not new to the streaming music scene – it has been around for a few years, I’m guessing since around 2007. I met CEO David Porter when he was working on his concept and talking about it in broad terms. He’s formerly of Live365. 8tracks calls itself “handcrafted Internet radio” and its combination of personalized music and sharing seems to be striking the right chord with listeners, and with Time.

The latest media darling in the streaming music world is and it made Time’s list as well, they called it “joyously social.” I wrote about the site a couple of weeks back. It’s not open to everyone yet, but you can get a listen if you have a friend who’s in.

I’m glad to see Time picking 8tracks for this list because they’ve stepped way outside the list of trendy streaming sites and picked one that has a nice unique offering for listeners. Despite all the media attention, there is more to the Internet radio scene than Pandora and Spotify, thanks to Time for helping to point that out..

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