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Mobile Payment Marketplace Is Expanding

97.3 million Americans currently access the web using their mobile phones. That number represents nearly a third of the population and will increase to 156 million and almost half the population by 2015, according to eMarketer. Much of that usage is thanks to the expanding usage of smartphones. Nearly 30% of the population will use smartphones by the end of this year, by 2015 it is projected that 150 million Americans will use a smartphone.

Streaming is a popular smartphone activity, as evidenced by research reported by Arbitron/Edison’s Infinite Dial Study which found that 8% of smartphone users listen to Pandora daily, and 5% listen to the streams of AM/FM stations. Another study recently found that streaming music from mobile devices has grown significantly in the past year. comScore just released new data showing that listening to music on a mobile phone (smartphones and non-smartphone) grew more than 2% in 3 months to 20.3% of users.

But many reports also show that the US lags other countries in terms of the way we use mobile devices to make purchases. While the mobile payments market has surged 76% in the past year globally, only a small portion of that activity comes from the US. While estimates of the size of the marketplace vary, research firms all agree that it’s going to grow. 

I’m thinking about the ways that streaming audio on smartphones and making purchases either online or in person using a smartphone go together and wondering if there’s some ways that streaming audio campaigns can integrate mobile payment options to prompt immediate responses and boost the effectiveness of ad campaigns..

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