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IAB’s Agency Day Was A Huge Success

I spent yesterday afternoon at the offices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, where they were hosting a Streaming Audio for Agencies Day. This event was the culmination of lots of work by many folks in the industry who came together to produce an IAB Platform Status Report A Digital Audio Advertising Overview.  For those of you in the business of streaming audio who may be struggling over the best way to introduce streaming audio as an option to advertisers, this piece is a must. It’s dense with research and information on the industry, compiled by folks who have been working hard in the business, and produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, an independent source that is highly regarded by advertisers and agencies.

I’ve been working with the IAB on the audio committee, this white paper and agency day, and was proud to host a panel discussion on streaming audio measurement yesterday. There were many agencies in attendance – Zenith, Carat, Mediavest, Hill Holiday, Group M, to name just a few. It was an outstanding, highly cooperative day with lots of great information, discussion and feedback.

We’ve come a long way baby.

Hats off to folks at the IAB – Michael Theodore and Luke Luckett, and Audio committee chairs Brian Benedik (Katz360) and Doug Sterne (Pandora) and the entire committee for the immensely cooperative effort behind the paper and event. Thanks to Triton Digital and TheMediaDash for recognizing the value and sponsoring the event. Cheers to the agencies that attended, participated and offered feedback.

It was more than a successful agency day. It was a sign of a thriving industry.

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