Bloomberg’s Mobile App Is Smart

Bloomberg Radio has released a new mobile app that goes a long way in extending their brand as a global source of financial news. The Bloomberg Radio+ app gives listeners the flexibility to hear live breaking financial and business news 24-hours per day as well as download a vast on-demand library of shows and interviews they can listen to at their convenience.

The Bloomberg app is free and is the first radio app where listeners can view real-time charts, get the latest market information and news, and access guest bios — all while listening to the most preeminent minds in business and finance. Designed by Airkast, it is a good example of the way a radio app can become so much more on a mobile device. 

“We’ve enjoyed collaborating with Bloomberg to create a superior mobile application that extends their award winning radio programs and business and financial content to their mobile audience”. said Airkast Founder and CEO Larry Leung. “We look forward to bringing Manhattan’s number one radio station to a global audience,” said Oke Okaro, general manager and global head of Bloomberg mobile. “Now people around the world will have 24/7 access to Bloomberg Radio’s market-moving news and analysis on their terms.”

Mobile access to on-demand audio, news and information in a free branded app is a big value proposition for listeners – and a smart move for Bloomberg.

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