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iHeartRadio Habla Español

After relaunching iheartradio amid a huge star studded live concert event in Las Vegas, Clear Channel announced this week that Univision‘s 45 streaming channels will soon be listening choices on their new station. The New iHeartRadio offers more than 800 broadcast radio and digital-only stations from 150 cities plus the ability to create custom radio stations based on artists.

The addition of Univision programming signals the “first third party distribution relationship for iheartradio” and will provide Spanish language radio programming that is a nice supplement to existing offerings.It’s a nice fit for both companies and not entirely surprising given the fact that Clear Channel and Univision have traded shares and shared investors over the years.   A few months ago, Slacker added several channels designed to attract Spanish speaking listeners. It’s a smart move – new 2010 census data shows that Hispanics are the second largest group in the US, at more than 50 million and 16.3% of the population. It’s grown 43% since the 2000 survey and is the fastest growing sector of the population.

So does this signal the possibility that iheartradio will head in the direction of becoming a universal portal for Internet radio? Consistent with that idea is the fact that Clear Channel stations are not available in leading Internet radio resource Tunein. Tunein is a universal portal that offers listeners easy access to lots of stations, searchable by music genre, geographic location and more. They build tuners for many devices – both tabletop and automotive and have a popular mobile app as well.

Certainly Clear Channel has big things in store for iheartradio. The streaming platform is now integrated into facebook with facebook registration required in order to listen. With the $10 million they spent on the promotion in Las Vegas to relaunch the iheartradio brand, Clear Channel is certainly behaving like a company that thinks there’s a future in online radio..

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