Internet Radio’s Listeners Are Engaged

Targetspot has released a new whitepaper that examines the behavior of digital audio listeners with regard to discovering new music, giving and receiving musical recommendations, and music purchasing.

The paper points out that Internet radio listeners are an engaged bunch, 80% listen 1-3 hours a day. What’s more, 73% listen to more than one station a day and 46% often check out the name of the song or artist playing. 

Other indicators of the level of engagement with new music that Internet radio listeners have include:

  • 69% of Internet radio listeners have decided to purchase a song as a result of hearing it on an Internet radio station.
  • 42% rate songs on Internet radio stations
  • 38% recommend songs, artists or stations
  • 32% check out what others are listening to online
  • 57% search for new music
  • 28% click on ads
  • 32% buy songs online
  • 22% buy albums online
This information is pulled from a study that Targetspot debuted at RAIN Summit West last April Digital Audio Usage Trends. That study looked at 1000 18+ adults who used radio at least once a month.

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