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Check In Radio Makes Mobile Contesting For Radio Easy

Triton Digital has introduced a new product that radio broadcasters can use to interact with their listeners. Check in Radio is an app that listeners can download to their smartphones and use to “check-in” with their favorite radio stations. It’s basically Foursquare for radio, agreed Patrick Reynolds of Triton when we spoke about it yesterday. I think it sounds like a pretty useful tool for stations.

Check In Radio is easy to use for both radio stations and listeners. After registering their station, broadcasters simply announce their contest on the air as usual, but ask listeners to “check in” via the simple smartphone interface within a specified time period to be automatically entered into the contest. The app has an intuitive user interface and GPS-based location awareness that automatically pulls up stations in the listeners’ current area. Stations can access the intuitive back-end interface to monitor check ins and select winners.

Check in Radio is a free app for iPhone and Android. Stations can register their station and begin using it right away. Claiming their station enables broadcasters to access a back-end dashboard which features check in monitoring and enables stations to determine contest winners.

This sounds like a cool way for stations to interact online with their FM listeners. It also gives stations an opportunity to expand their relationship with those listeners. In the meantime, Triton is expanding their database on those listeners as well..

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