Turntable’s Seth Goldstein

Turntable.fm’s founder Seth Goldstein is a sharp guy who’s had his hand in more than one brilliant startup. He was an original investor in  del.icio.us  which was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, he started socialmedia.com, and he’s “Entrepreneur in residence” at Fred Wilson‘s investment firm Flatiron Partners (which recently invested in Turntable.fm).

If you think that resume describes him as an insightful person with an interesting perspective, you might like this video of an interview with him at Billboard’s Future of Sound Conference.

One response

  1. Definitely successful at marketing and selling. Will be interesting to see if the service itself will stick around and live. Delicious did not exactly thrive years later either, as hyped as it was first few years (yes, Yahoo did not help there either). But then Broadcast.com was a brilliant “sell” as well, yet a huge flop later. So I am curious how much is it the tech industry propping up their darlings to get a sell, vs the long term thriving of a service. Good luck to them.

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