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Spotify Just Grabbed Control of the Streaming Music Game

Spotify held a press conference yesterday where they announced some big innovations to their streaming music platform. Now the Spotify Platform gives third party developers the opportunity to build innovative, engaging music-based apps.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took the stage and – after introducing Spotify with a brief history, told the audience that Spotify is becoming a music platform that is a lot more than a streaming service. Now third party developers can create “beautiful, responsive apps” that make Spotify their own. He introduced 16 partners that illustrate the concept. He introduced Jann Wenner, Founding Editor and Publisher of Rolling Stone, as one of the first app partners. Wenner spoke enthusiastically about Spotify – “Everytime you open your desktop you have the history of recorded music at your fingertips.” Now you’ll also have the opportunity to read artist reviews and listen to playlists curated by Rolling Stone within the same platform.

The 13 global partners launching on the Spotify App Finder include Billboard, Fuse, The Guardian, Last.fm, Moodagent, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Soundrop, TuneWiki and We Are Hunted, with Top10 and ShareMyPlaylists apps coming soon.

Spotify came on the scene in the US just a few months ago in July 2011, and since then they have signed up 10 million users. Their integration with facebook, announced in October, brought them 7 million of those. While there was some negative response initially to the fact that they were requiring a facebook login in order to listen to Spotify, it now looks like that was a wise decision for them that fueled fast listener growth.

These new innovations will bring them still more listeners as partners begin to use their catalog of about 15 million songs as a resource. David Goodman, President of CBS Music Interactive, which owns Last.fm called the new Spotify platform “the next dashboard”, meaning it will become ubiquitous as a streaming song platform. Those are big words, but it’s not hard for me to see how a small webcaster could easily tire of reporting and paying their own royalties and decide to curate lists within Spotify instead. Then Spotify becomes an on-demand service AND an endless number of interesting, programmed and curated channels with this move. (Ek said there is no revenue share model for partners right now, but also said they are in the very early days.)

This is a big idea. They’ve got a lot of momentum built up already from their recent launch and facebook integration, and this will bring them even more. Score one – advantage Spotify…

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