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Pandora’s Free Concert Series

Last fall when Tim Westergren keynoted the RAIN Summit in Chicago he spent time talking about how Pandora can use the information they gather from listener’s preferences to connect artists with their audiences. Based on a listener’s location, and the songs they give thumbs up or down to, Pandora can guess what other artists they might like.

Tomorrow night, Pandora will host the first in a new series of free live concerts based on just that kind of information. The concert will feature Dawes, an emerging rock band from Southern California. Pandora data shows that Portland-area listeners are 25 percent more likely to enjoy a Dawes song and 30 percent more likely to create a Dawes station on Pandora than listeners in any other U.S. city. Invitations based on a listener’s musical preferences were sent to listeners in the Portland area by email.

Pandora Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Tim Westergren said, “Connecting artists and their fans is part of our mission at Pandora and we bring some very unique capabilities to that task. Our data shows that Dawes has a sizeable potential audience in Portland and we’re excited to help bring them together.”

Westergren is a musician himself and someone who really cares about artist relations and music discovery. He often talks about the value that Pandora can offer to artists by helping them find their fans.

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes said, “As we have traveled the country, we often hear from our listeners that they discovered us on Pandora. We are excited that, now, through this new concert series, we’ll get to connect in person.”

Sure wish I could be in Portland tomorrow night to see the power of personalized radio firsthand..

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