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Streaming Station That’s Out of This World

Moon and Saturn / Maan en Saturnus

Image by Arjan Almekinders via Flickr

NASA has launched a new space station and this time it’s an Internet radio station called Third Rock. They’re calling it “America’s Space Station” and it’s a custom-produced Internet music radio station that is crafted specifically to speak the language of tech-savvy young adults.

“NASA constantly is looking for new and innovative ways to engage the public and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers,” said David Weaver, Office of Communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “We have led the way in innovative uses of new media and this is another example of how the agency is taking advantage of these important communication tools.” The station will be operated at no cost to the government by the Space Act Agreement. Houston based RFC Media is collaborating on the execution.

The station’s format is alternative/indie/new rock. Space related career info and job listings will also be featured. I’m hoping that – in addition to the new stuff, there’s room for a few space tunes. I tuned in and was hoping for some older space themed classics like Dark Side of the Moon, Walking on the Moon, Space Truckin, and maybe even Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon. No such luck, the station’s definitely much hipper than that…give it a listen for yourself, here.

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