Lots of New Internet Radio Deals and Devices at CES

As it was last year, Internet radio in cars is a big topic at CES this week. Ford and Subaru both announced deals and devices that enable listening to Internet radio while you drive.

Subaru announced a deal with Harman’s Aha platform.  Aha is powering the Web-connected “fourth band” of radio, alongside AM, FM, and satellite radio.  Offered on future models, Subaru owners will have instant access to tens of thousands of stations of Web-based content such as: on-demand music from MOG and Rhapsody; Internet radio from SHOUTcast, CBS RADIO, and Slacker; live news; the latest information, news and entertainment podcasts from NPR and others; free audio books; personalized traffic reports; Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds; personalized restaurant recommendations from Yelp; and much more. Functionality will be via an iPhone app, already released, and an upcoming Android app.

On a similar note, Ford announced a new integration for its SYNC AppLink which will bring voice enabled iHeartRadio to its cars.  “Now Ford drivers will be able to create their own custom stations, tune in to the leading radio stations from 150 cities and stay connected to their favorite on-air personalities. Through Ford SYNC AppLink, iHeartRadio will offer drivers the ultimate voice-controlled, personal listening experience.” said Brian Lakamp, president of Clear Channel Digital.

The SYNC enabled iHeartRadio app is already available for iTunes and Blackberries, and coming soon for Androids. Which may be the big selling point that’s attracting folks like Greater Media and Cumulus who have recently signed on with iHeartRadio as their exclusive digital aggregator for online and mobile streaming.

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