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TuneIn’s New Tool Helps Stations See Traffic

TuneIn has announced a new feature to help stations on its platform analyze and better understand their digital traffic. TuneIn Amplifier is a free, simple tool that provides stations visibility into their TuneIn traffic.

Stations can get daily data from TuneIn Amplifier including total tunes their station received, total unique listeners, average time spent listening and the number of listeners, sorted by country, and state. For listener supported stations using TuneIn’s Donate service, stations can get click through information on that service as well.

This is great – finally TuneIn, a service that provides a great mobile tuning app, an online platform, and a software based tuner that is available in lots of connected devices, is stepping up its offering and helping online stations understand exactly how valuable it is. With 30 million active users, TuneIn is a valuable source of listeners for many stations. 

TuneIn has recently faced some stiff competition from Clear Channel, who has been trying to get broadcasters to sign exclusive digital portal deals with iHeartRadio. I wrote last week about how unwise I think that is for stations. But part of the problem was that broadcasters were not aware of all the traffic they were getting through TuneIn and other digital portals. Nor were they aware of TuneIn’s advantages, such as tuning deals with devices, and dashboard deals with automakers.

TuneIn’s listing is free and so is the service. Stations can sign up and update their profile and listing here.

Transparency is a good thing, and this service is bound to help stations understand and cultivate their digital audience, while helping TuneIn increase the value that the stations perceive in them. It’s a good move all around…

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