Abacast Announces New Cloud Based Traffic Platform

Online radio business platform Abacast has rolled out a new, cloud based product for ad traffic management. Clarity Digital Radio System is a cloud based product that enables greater flexibility in terms of custom options for ad-insertion and trafficking of ad campaigns.

“Clarity(tm) is a breakthrough release that provides our customers with the key benefits of cloud computing including reduced costs, easy and fast deployment, and automatic updates,” said Rob Green, Abacast CEO. “The use of a cloud-based platform will enable Abacast to quickly and continuously provide incremental value to our customers by focusing almost entirely on new features and functionality.”

Green goes so far as to say this new system is a game changer, the most advanced system in the industry. It features listener geo-targeting and ties in with national ad sales partners to help stations maximize their revenue opportunity.

“Clarity’s™ unique functionality enables TargetSpot to maximize insertions based on parameters set by each customer, but viewed across the entire network,” said Eyal Goldwerger, Targetspot CEO.  “Our traffic managers are more efficient and as a result Abacast’s customers are making more money.”

Abacast has been innovating in terms of upgrading their offerings to streaming stations over the past several years, working hard to offer not just technical services but meaningful revenue relationships to their partners. Sounds to me as though they are listening and addressing customer’s needs..

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