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Report: Listening to Internet Radio Shot Up 50% Last Year

Listening to Internet radio was up 50% last year, according to AccuStream Research’s updated report. Nearly 80% of that listening is to Shoutcast and Pandora. More than 40% of all listening last year was to mobile.

Streaming audio ad and subscription revenues were up 64% to $465 million, with the ad spend surpassing subscription revenues for the first time, according to the report.


For years, Paul Palumbo at Accustream Research has provided a comprehensive look at the Internet radio marketplace, focusing on total listener hours, ad units, subscriber numbers, and revenue as reported by the services themselves and by content delivery networks. I like the report because it gives a high level overview from a completely different angle, more closely resembling a Miller Kaplan type market report. And while some of the findings diverge from other available data, it’s remarkable how similar the snapshot is in the end.

AccuStream Research’s Internet Radio Listening and Monetization Analysis includes a lot more detail, with specific data on all the major services and interviews with industry business leaders on both the content and support side. For more info on that report, click here.


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