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Songza Streams Music For Your Mood

Songza is a streaming music platform that has been getting some buzz lately. Songza is a couple of years old and got its start after Amazon bought Amie Street in 2010 and the founders of that platform created Songza in its wake. In similar ways to Pandora, Songza lets listeners create stations starting with artists. Listeners can pick songs, share playlists, and get music recommendations.

Songza has a new feature that offers a new twist on personalized music called Music Concierge. Songza’s Music Concierge suggests the perfect playlist for your situation or mood. The Concierge will suggest music for Monday morning or Saturday night, using your preferences and combining them with information like mood, time of day, activity. So if you’re going for a run, you can plug into Songza and listen to a station just right for that. 

Songza is reportedly also working with “several large players in the terrestrial radio market” to license their technology and “help them create a compelling digital experience.” They are not, at present, running audio ads.

Here’s a link to an interview with Songza Founders Elias Roman and Eric Davich promoting their new feature, with some first looks at the interface.

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