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Local Car Dealer Happy With Pandora

William Feinstein is the General Manager of Planet Honda in New Jersey, about 15 miles outside of NYC. He’s smarter than the average bear when it comes to analyzing his advertising, and he’s pretty excited about the results that he’s seeing from ads he’s been running on Pandora. He recently discussed this with RadioInk‘s Ed Ryan in an interview.

Feinstein admits that he loves Pandora, which is why he was willing to try it when a Pandora salesperson gave him a call. He says it solves a lot of the issues he has with terrestrial radio. He’s clearly an informed radio advertiser, conversant about AQH, cume, and dayparts – the general mechanics of radio advertising. But what he likes about Pandora is that he doesn’t have to be bothered with all of that because he’s buying actual delivered impressions. Which he sees as a real advantage. It doesn’t matter what they are listening to, he says, if they are in my demographic, I’m going to capture them through targeted messaging on Pandora.

The interview is really insightful as a lesson on what matters to local advertisers and the ways that radio has failed the local advertiser. For example, this car dealer is located in a major radio market – New York City. He says radio’s big market rates are unaffordable for his business. On Pandora, he can target 3 or 4 counties more affordably, with measurable results.

Describing his approach on Pandora, he says he’s buying the “Radio Everywhere” product that includes a :30 ad, an on screen display ad, and a third ad that remains on the screen during the next song. The campaign includes targeting by county and frequency capping by registered listener as well. Ads are limited to 3 per hour. He’s seeing excellent response and lots of mobile web traffic from his campaign and he’s happy.

I found this audio interview to be really informative as a snapshot of the impact that Pandora is having with local advertisers. It’s impressive to hear Mr. Feinstein discuss his business, his campaign and his level of satisfaction. Hats off to RadioInk for the report.

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