Coke Likes Spotify

Pandora may have a lot more listeners, but Spotify certainly has a knack for making deals that can help propel their brand to greater awareness. Last fall they were featured in a big way as a partner in facebook’s streaming music integration. Now Spotify and Coca Cola have announced a “multifaceted strategic partnership that combines the global scale and reach of Coca-Cola with Spotify’s music technology platform to give consumers around the world unprecedented access to the music they love.”  

Coke and Spotify are on a joint mission to help music lovers discover and share music around the world. Coke will use the Spotify platform to enable its Coca Cola music platform which will feature various apps, including one designed for use at the upcoming London Olympics. Spotify will also be featured in Coke’s facebook presence, which has over 40 million fans.

Spotify also gets cash for the deal, although Spotify Founder and CEO Daniel Ek has recently said elsewhere that profitability is not a priority for the service right now. Take that to mean that they’re putting all their efforts in growing their audience and brand.

This deal with Coke should be meaningful in that regard..

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