Daily Archives: May 1st, 2012

International Streams On Triton’s Webcast Metrics

Triton Digital has released March data ranking the platforms, groups and single channel stations that subscribe to their service. Very little has changed on the domestic side — Pandora continues to grow its audience, with 1.3 million average active sessions and over 6 million session starts in March. Clear Channel’s iHeartradio is ranked second, with a small fraction of that listening – a quarter of a million active sessions and 1.3 million session starts.

What’s catching my eye this time around is the All Streams ranker, which has begun to include broadcasting companies outside the US. Prisa Radio is a spanish broadcast group based in Madrid that shows up fourth on the All Streams all week ranker, right below CBSRADIO. They own more than 1200 radio stations and have 27 million listeners, primarily in Europe, South and Central America.

Sky Radio Group is another international player on the Triton All Streams ranker, showing up ranked tenth. They are based in the Netherlands and own stations in Germany as well.

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