Daily Archives: May 7th, 2012

Stitcher’s Got This Election Sewed Up

Stitcher, a service that enables listeners to create personalized podcast playlists, has launched a new service designed to help listeners keep track of their politics. Stitcher Election Center lets listeners follow their favorite political candidates, commentators and topics from one central audio hub and get custom audio updates from favorite news sources like Slate, CBS Radio News, Marketplace, Bloomberg, PRI and MSNBC. In addition to offering updates on candidates from news sources, campaigns can also sign up to offer updates to listeners that follow them. Obama for America is already signed up, and the Romney campaign is coming soon.

Stitcher’s niche is its focus on spoken word content and podcasts. They’re the only service concentrating on aggregating that content into an easy to use platform for listeners. With this new offering, they’re actually pulling in content directly from campaigns as well.

There’s a large quantity of unique content available in podcast form – from the vast array of NPR offerings, to Fox and CNN, to Rush Limbaugh and Adam Carolla.

A few weeks ago at RAIN Summit West, Stitcher Founder and CEO Noah Shanok joined a panel called Innovating the News/Talk Format Online to discuss ways that Talk is becoming more interactive and personalized. Stitcher’s definitely a key player in that effort..

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