Triton’s Webcast Metrics Makes It Easier For Buyers To Compare, Invest In Streaming

Triton Digital recently announced that they will add standard radio measurement AQH, or Average Quarter Hour, to the ratings metrics offered by their Webcast Metrics server based audience measurement service. In addition to the MRC-accredited audio metric of Average Active Sessions (AAS), customers subscribing to the new Local Reports feature inside of its Webcast Metrics® product will receive Average Quarter-Hour Rating (AQH Rating) by market – the same metrics typically used when measuring analog radio stations.

This is actually a return to previous practices for Webcast Metrics – the service originally offered ratings in terms of AQH and Cume, metrics used by traditional radio stations to discuss the size of their audience. Webcast Metrics later began using the AAS term instead. Now subscribers will have access to both terms. This will make it much easier to offer side by side ratings between on-air and online listening to services. That’s what advertisers want to see.

“Seeing internet audio in the same terms as traditional radio gives a holistic sense of the audio market, making it easier for buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing ad space,” said Lauren Russo SVP and Director, Audio & Promotions at Horizon Media. “We are excited to see how the ability to provide such a direct comparison will impact advertisers’ views on the value of streaming.” Triton will provide the data to third parties such as advertisers at the request of subscribing stations and platforms.

This is a good decision by Triton Digital, one that is meaningful for the Internet radio marketplace in terms of stimulating revenue. While there are some in the industry that may be in favor of keeping everything separate and magnifying the differences between on-air and online listening, it’s all audio in one form or another. Facilitating the use of data so that advertisers can more easily evaluate and invest in the space is a good thing. This decision by Triton is a step in that direction. Hats off..

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