RAIN Summit Europe Will Feature Keynote By Spotify Exec

Spotify’s General  Manager for Europe, Jonathan Forster, will be a keynote speaker at RAIN Summit Europe – the first-ever pan-European conference specifically focused on the fast-growing field of Internet radio – to be held in Berlin, Germany, on Friday, October 5th.

As you may have read here before, RAIN Summits are the premiere educational and networking events specifically focused on the Internet radio industry. I’m very involved in RAIN Summits, in fact, I’m the President. So naturally I think they are just great. We’re especially excited about this one because it will be our European debut.

RAIN Summit Europe will take place at the award-winning nhow Hotel (“Berlin’s Music and Lifestyle Hotel”).  The conference will be a day-long event, including panels, keynote speakers, and various networking opportunities.

Spotify’s Forster is responsible for the overall development of Spotify’s European business, leading the strategy and development of advertising sales at Spotify and managing Spotify’s workforce across the region including the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark.  Spotify is the most listened to streaming service in Europe, with more than 20 million registered users worldwide.

“Internet radio is an extremely fast-growing field,” said Kurt Hanson, Publisher of RAIN: Radio and Internet Newsletter, and CEO of RAIN Summits.  “In some countries, Internet radio listening now comprises up to 10% of all radio listening, and it is growing at the rate of 50-100% per year.”

RAIN Summit Europe will feature a pan-European list of speakers who are experts on various aspects of the field of streaming radio.   Other featured speakers include:

  • Stephan Moller, President, Association de European Radios
  • Ali Abhary, CEO of Spectrum Medya
  • Elisa Escobedo, CEO AudioEmotion
  • Patrick Roger, VP Global Sales, Adswizz
  • Franck Si-Hassan, Directeur Délégué Mediametrie
  • Clive Dickens, CEO, Absolute Radio
  • David Deslandes, Sales Director, Deezer
  • Mike Agovino, COO Triton Digital
  • Caroline Grazé, Head of Internet and New Business, NRJ International
  • Frank Nolte, Deputy Director of Sales, RMS

For more information on the agenda and speakers, visit the RAIN Summit Europe website. Hope to see you there!

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