Out of the Ashes

There’s a special place in my heart for WFNX in Boston – after all, my first job out of college was at the Boston Phoenix, Boston’s alternative weekly newspaper. In fact, I was working at the paper when they bought the station and launched Boston’s alternative rock station. It was pretty cool.

And that was – ahem – a long time ago. So it was no small thing when owner Steven Mindich decided to sell it to Clear Channel. The newspaper and radio station are big brands in Boston, and synonymous with edgy, independent content. Not exactly the things that the Clear Channel brand brings to mind. Soon after the sale, most of the staff at the station was let go.

Today Boston.com, owned by the Boston Globe, announced that they’ll hire several on-air personalities from WFNX and stream a station online, offering alternative content similar to the stuff the heritage FNX broadcast.

According to an article on Boston.com: “Boston.com has been at the forefront of multimedia for some time now, producing award-winning videos, live video programming, interactive content, and more,” Lisa DeSisto, General Manager of Boston.com said. “We’ve long thought radio would be a natural extension for us, and we’re fortunate to launch with such an incredible team.”

I’d call this move a big opportunity. Boston.com picks up a big brand with a loyal local following and expands their multimedia footprint. At the same time, they get to kick a little dirt at that upstart weekly newspaper that’s always been a little thorn in the Boston Globe’s side…

One response

  1. This is awesome – and very mind-blowing if you think about it. The Phoenix and The Globe have been at war for years… this is kind of like kicking sand in the face of Mindich for the Globies.

    What’s really odd is that three of the legendary Boston radio stations will be HD side channel and/or online-only in a few weeks (‘BCN has been online for a few years now and ‘ODS just made the transition this week. I guess we don’t need a radio anymore! 😉

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