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iHeartRadio and TuneIn Add Stations

Two major portals for Internet radio stations – TuneIn and iHeartRadio – have been busy announcing new additions to the offerings in their guides of late, in fact in some cases, it’s the same company signing on with both. This is a good thing! I’m all in favor of stations offering their streams through as many platforms as they can, and I think universal portals are great for the industry – with mobile apps and dashboard deals that make it easier for listeners to find stations and stations to find listeners.

iHeartRadio announced deals with Cox Media and Emmis that add over 100 stations in more than 20 markets to their platform. While some broadcasters earlier signed deals that made iHeartRadio their exclusive digital portal, it’s clear this was not the case with Cox Media: “Cox Media Group is impressed with the progress that iHeartRadio has made over the last year,” said Doug Franklin, Cox Media Group’s President. “Our strategy is to serve our listeners on as many digital platforms as possible. We look forward to extending our reach in partnership with iHeartRadio.” And while there’s no specific info on whether the Emmis deal was exclusive, my guess is that broadcasters have realized the folly in that trend.

Later in the week came another big announcement for iHeartRadio with Yahoo making that platform their “preferred radio” partner. This came quickly on the heels of an announcement that Spotify would be Yahoo’s on-demand service, replacing Rhapsody in that capacity. iHeartRadio, meanwhile, replaces CBSRadio as the “preferred radio” partner and becomes the default radio player, replacing Radio.com.

Not to be outdone in the quest to become a universal guide for online radio, TuneIn announced a slew of new streaming stations in their platform as well, including Cox Media and Emmis’s 100+ stations, the same ones that joined iHeartRadio. TuneIn also announced a new deal with Entercom’s group of stations, as well as Adam Carolla, who produces his own program online and sits atop the iTunes audio podcast ranker most weeks.

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