Daily Archives: July 9th, 2012

Mobile Listening Just Keeps On Growing

The mobile market is expanding fast – new comScore data reported last week that 234 million use mobile phones in the US (13+), and 110 million of those use smartphones. Samsung sells the most devices and Android has the lions share of smartphone operating systems. Apple meanwhile, continues to grow  market share as well.

Listening to music on a mobile device continues to increase in popularity among mobile subscribers. 27% of them said they listened during the 3 month survey period and that’s up 2.2% from 3 months earlier. In fact, listening to music is an increasingly popular activity among mobile subscribers, it grew faster than playing games, accessing a browser or social networking site, or texting, the latter of which grew not at all.

This is all in keeping with other reports of increasing mobile listening and emphasizes the importance of offering listeners appealing mobile options.

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