Online Radio In Germany Looks A Little Different


The share of FM radio stations simulcasting online in Germany grew 2% last year to make up 13% of all online stations in that country. Most online stations in Germany – 82% – are pureplays, which are available only online.

According to Web Radio Monitor 2012, an updated study just released by Goldmedia, listening is up 36% over 2011. The study surveyed all online radio providers in Germany and found that online radio providers’ total net ad revenues grew to 14.1 million euros, a 37% increase over 2011. 45% of online stations sell ads, and their outlook on the future is positive, they’re forecasting a market of 30 million euros by 2016.

Not surprisingly, mobile devices are gaining importance in the German streaming marketplace, just as they are in the US. Three quarters of the respondents regard mobile online radio as their central method of broadcasting. In fact, 57% predicted that mobile online radio might be able to replace classical FM radio in the long run. Mobile streaming, via apps or mobile browsers, now makes up 17% of all hits, compared to 14% in 2011. By 2014, mobile devices are expected to make up a quarter (24%) of all online radio hits.

Professor Klaus Goldhammer, Managing Partner of Goldmedia, will present the findings of this study at the debut of RAIN Summit Europe in Berlin on October 5th. He joins a highly informed pan-European list of speakers for the event. For more info on the summit, click here.


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