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Politically Correct Pandora

It’s high season for political advertising, and Pandora is a new favorite for lots of candidates, according to US News. It turns out that Pandora’s highly targetable advertising model, which allows advertisers to micro-target by zipcode, not to mention age, gender, and even musical tastes, is very appealing to the folks that decide where all the money behind political campaigns will go this season.


“On Pandora we know exactly who our audience is, so if you’re trying to reach moms, the D.C. area, or young people in Ohio, we can do that,” says Francisca Fanucchi, a spokeswoman for Pandora. When users sign up for Pandora, they give their ZIP code, gender, date of birth, and E-mail address, all of which are used for targeting purposes, Fanucchi says. Political research firms also buy lots of consumer behavior data to refine their targeted ads.

It turns out that your musical preferences also say a lot about your political views. Recently, music data firm The Echo Nest noticed some distinct profiles among listeners of certain types of music. Turns out Kenny Chesney or George Strait fans are reliably Republican while, Rihanna, Jay Z, Madonna and Lady Gaga fans are Democrats. Fans of The Beatles, Stones and Johnny Cash are hardest to predict.

Politicians advertising on Pandora can also use their new email sign-up feature. That asks the listener to let Pandora provide his email address to the politician so they can contact them directly.

All of this is not foolproof however – on a recent longish drive with my husband we listened to Pandora on my husbands phone, and heard repeated ads for Linda McMahon, the GOP candidate running for Senate in Connecticut. Problem is, he’s a pretty liberal democrat who just happens to like Pink Floyd

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