A Good Day For Internet Radio

Last week’s debut of RAIN Summit Europe in Berlin was . The event, which was held at the nhow Hotel Berlin, featured a really strong list of speakers, including keynote presenter Jonathan Forster of Spotify. Forster started his talk by saying that Spotify isn’t radio, and I think he was half afraid he might get pelted with rotten tomatoes for saying so. Not so — despite the fact that Spotify isn’t “radio” in the sense that it offers songs and artists on-demand to listeners, it is streaming audio. There’s a joint mission for all forms of streaming audio to attract advertisers, and Spotify is working hard on that and making some really nice progress. Forster spent a lot of time illustrating ad campaigns that they have created for advertisers, and it was very inspiring stuff. 

The quality of the discussions at RAIN Summit Berlin were excellent and featured lots of experts outside of the Internet radio industry who contributed their expertise. There was a great agency roundtable discussion featuring advertising executives from Starcom MediaVest (UK), Pilot (Germany) and Havas (France). A discussion on Connected Dashboards featured an expert from BMW. The founder of Mixcloud joined a panel discussion on personalized streaming.

Whether you are streaming in Europe or not, there was a lot to learn about the marketplace among the folks at RAIN Summit Europe. We had a strong showing from US companies who are either already there or thinking about expanding to Europe with their services. We had far less interest from US based content providers, who declined our invitations to speak, and decided not to come. Which is fine, although I would say they missed out on an opportunity for some fantastic inspiration.

The hotel was beautiful, a hip and trendy setting along the River Spree in Berlin. The room was crowded – we exceeded our expectations, registering over 150 people for the event. And everyone that I spoke with said they learned a lot and were happy to be there. All in all, a good day for Internet radio (and streaming audio)…

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