Digital Audio Listeners Respond to Ads

Listeners are not just embracing Internet radio, they are also enjoying its advertising component, according to a new white paper released by Targetspot today. 42% of the population is listening to Internet Radio, which is up 8% from 2011. What’s more, these listeners are engaged in ways that benefit advertisers —  67% often check the player to see the name of a song or artist, 57% of Digital Audio listeners actually buy products online and 56% research products for future purchase.

Digital audio listeners are “highly accepting” of targeted advertising – 65% are comfortable receiving ads based on their profiles, and 70% are comfortable receiving messages that target them based on their usage and content selections. And they respond to those ads: 58% of Internet Radio listeners recall having seen or heard an Internet Radio ad in the last 30 days; up 12% from last year. Of those who recalled an Internet Radio ad, 44% responded to it in some way, up 10% from last year.

Based on this study, digital audio platforms present an excellent value proposition to advertisers: engaged listeners who like targeted ads and respond to them. Kudos to Targetspot for sponsoring this study, and then sharing it with the industry…


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