New Service Puts Talk On-Demand

Michael Robertson is a serial entrepreneur who has spent a lot of time thinking about on-demand streaming business models. An outspoken guy who is a perennial favorite at RAIN Summits, he’s often out in front with new ideas. Ubertalk, his latest online platform, is no exception.

UberTalk combines programming from thousands of radio stations into a fast, standardized, easy to use guide. Shows are crowd ranked so that the most popular shows are displayed at the top. Listeners quickly sort by category to dig deep into a particular content area they like (sports, politics, etc).

“Radio needs to be reinvigorated and making it easy to find shows and play them would be a tremendous boost to radio programming online.” says Robertson. “My goal is to bring the programmed radio business into the internet era and UberTalk is a big step in the right direction.”

Ubertalk lets the listener access shows as they are being played, or record them for time-shifted listening at other times. Robertson says mobile apps are coming soon.

This is a deep guide to talk radio programming, paired with a nifty time shifting tool that enables listeners to listen to that programming when and where they want it. It has the potential to bring talk radio into an on-demand space which could greatly increase its audience. May they thrive..



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