Soundcloud Has 180 Million Users

Are you using Soundcloud? Lots of people are – 180 million users per month in fact. Soundcloud likes to think of itself as the Youtube of audio, it’s a platform that enables users to share, listen, and upload tracks. They recently announced an upgrade that offers social enhancements and an improved user experience.

Users upload ten hours of audio every minute to Soundcloud, according to new stats recently revealed by Eric Wahlforss, Founder and CTO of the Berlin based company. Audio content creators connect directly with their audience and offers social tools that enable sharing and discovery. Users do not need to register to listen, but registered listeners can build playlists, share playlists, and more. It’s an easy way for musicians to share music, radio stations and/or personalities to share programming, and of course, families to share recital performances.

Soundcloud is also making specfic efforts to cultivate content partnerships that would expand their audience. Last summer they hired a producer from WNYC, an NPR affiliate, to pursue partnerships with audio providers. There’s not much info on the revenue model at this point.

The Berlin based company has taken some $63 million in investments, and counts Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson’s firm, and Kleiner Perkins, Mary Meeker‘s firm, as investors.

soundcloud screenshot

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