Daily Archives: December 31st, 2012

Channels To Celebrate

This morning in my email, one from Spotify offering me a bunch of ready made playlists for New Year’s. The Top 100 Songs of the Year on Spotify, Most Popular artists, Most Popular Female Artists, Most Popular Male Artists…you get the idea. All waiting for me to listen to and share with my social networks to celebrate the arrival of 2013.2012 spotify

This is very smart marketing by Spotify. The biggest party night of the year and they’re offering up easy soundtracks for the party. It’s an excellent use of playlist based streaming, and a great way to highlight their music library. I’ll bet they get a lot of traction and new listeners from it.

Pandora is offering a slate of End of the Year genre stations as well, including 2012 Top Pop, Adult Rock, College, R&B and Hip Hop, and New Years Eve Party Radio. Built in soundtracks for your party. iHeartRadio is offering one channel, called Party 2013 Radio.

In 2013 streaming audio services will continue to look for ways to grow audience by making their offerings as enticing as possible. Personalizable channels that can be tailored for special events are an easy way to highlight interactive features and hook listeners. In fact, those channels are quite possibly a platforms best marketing tools..

Happy 2013 to you and yours, may you enjoy the streams of your dreams in the coming year…


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