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comScore Rolls Out Cross Platform Measurment

eMarketer says that this will be the year that smartphone usage in the US will cross the 50% threshold, meaning that half of all mobile users will be using smartphones. Standing at the front of the line of services that benefit from this massive shift to online mobile access are Pandora and Twitter. These two platforms have as many, or in the case of Pandora, more users accessing them via mobile than via desktop.

Late last year comScore released a beta report of their Media Metrix Multi-platform measurement report, which merges usage data via web, smartphone and tablet into one number. providing an excellent snapshot of a service’s user base. It then assigns a multi-platform ranking that can be compared to the standard Media Metrix ranking. Sites with a higher multi-platform ranking are the ones that have lots of mobile users.

Google is number one on both rankers, and the top ten sites don’t shift much, meaning that they maintain their user base when mobile usage is factored in. But Pandora benefits greatly from this multi platform measurement approach – their rank moves from 61 to 23. No other site on the top 30 enjoys such significant lift from adding in mobile to the ranker.


media metrix multi platform chart

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