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Spend a Day in May in Brussels with Us

Seriously folks, this could be the best investment you make all year in your business…rain summit europe

RAIN Summits, the premiere educational and networking events for the Internet radio and online audio industry, have announced the agenda for RAIN Summit Europe on May 23 in Brussels.  The largest gathering of its kind in Europe, RAIN Summit Europe’s speaker list features a diverse list of web radio professionals from most countries and provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to share expertise.

RAIN Summit Europe will take place at the award-winning Hotel Bloom! in Brussels.  The pan-European conference will be a day-long event, including thought provoking panels and presentations, insightful speakers, and engaging networking opportunities. Executives from many different European countries will share thoughts and ideas on the future of radio in the digital world.

RAIN Summit Europe will feature a list of speakers who are experts on various aspects of the field of streaming radio. Featured speakers at the conference in May include:

  • David Deslandes, Deezer, France
  • Simon Gooch, SBS Radio Sweden/Radio Play, Sweden
  • James Cridland, Media UK, United Kingdom
  • Ali Abhary, Spectrum Medya, Turkey
  • Kjartan Slette, WiMP, Norway
  • Christian Schalt, KISS FM/Radio Service Berlin, Germany
  • Jan-Willem Brüggenwirth, 538Group, Netherlands
  • Jean Pierre Cassaing, Havas Media, France
  • Alain Reyes, NRJ Audio, France
  • Joel Ronez, Radio France, France
  • Steve Whilton, Last.fm, United Kingdom
  • Caroline Grazé, NRJ, Germany
  • Lubor Zoufal, Lagardère Active ČR, Czech Republic
  • Paula Cordeiro, RTP, Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Portugal

“This agenda features an excellent complement of speakers from across Europe for a full day of panels, presentations and networking that endeavors to advance the business prospects for online audio,” said Jennifer Lane, President of RAIN Summits.

“In Europe today, Internet radio is an extremely vibrant and fast-growing media segment, with many of the top AM/FM broadcasters actively participating in the category along with a number of innovative entrepreneurs,” said Kurt Hanson, Publisher of RAIN: Radio and Internet Newsletter. “Last year’s RAIN Summit Europe, in Berlin, attracted a very high caliber of both speakers and attendees.  This year, we’re excited to bring RAIN Summit Europe to the business capital of Europe, Brussels, and our agenda is shaping up to be our best yet!”

For more information on the agenda and speakers, visit the RAIN Summit Europe website


What’s Your Musical Stereotype?

Developers at The Echo Nest have put together a fun tool to demonstrate their ability to create music profiles for individuals based on the music they like or say they like. The way it works – you can either type in a few artists, or allow access to your facebook likes and it stereotypes you based on your musical selections.

Without much thought, I typed in a few of my favorites: Joan Armatrading and the B52s (from my college days), Dar Williams, Jack Johnson and Michael Buble. Up pops my musical listening persona, which I was fairly disappointed in: I’m a Sheltering Suburban Mom who likes Cabernet and 50 Shades of Grey, at least according to the game. And I thought I was so cutting edge.

suburban mom

The Echo Nest, on the other hand, is cutting edge. I’ve been to their offices in a trendy renovated warehouse in Davis Square in Somerville (not far at all from the now infamous Watertown). The company was started by a couple of smart MIT guys who originally thought they were building a streaming service like Pandora, and then decided that they would instead go into the backend business of powering personalized music services. Somewhere along the way they hired CEO Jim Lucchese, a smart and likeable guy. Now they are powering the likes of Spotify, iHeartradio, MTV, Vevo, and others.

Personalized music experiences are becoming a standard offering of most of the bigger music services. Go on and play What’s Your Stereotype, it’s easy to understand how your listeners will like it. And I dare you to tweet it, or post it below when you’re done..

Jim Lucchese is one of the smart people who often speaks at RAIN Summits. Our next conference is RAIN Summit Europe in Brussels on May 23. 



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