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Slacker Picks It Up

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It’s a week for streaming services to boast about the size of their audience, with both Slacker and iHeartradio making announcements that they have grown. Slacker, which relaunched with a new design and offerings in February, had a nice showing in the March ranker of Webcast Metrics that we saw last week. Now we’re hearing more details on that from a press release which reports that six million new listeners have signed up since that relaunch in Feb, with 3.5 million of them on mobile devices. Slacker has also picked up 100,000 paying subscribers since their relaunch, a 1.6% conversion rate.

In the release CEO Jim Cady says that “Slacker is the only digital music service that is gross margin positive on every listener – whether they’re ad-supported or a paid subscriber.” Gross margin positive is good – an indicator that a business is operating efficiently and shows promise. So this is a good thing. I’m not sure how Cady can be sure that they are the only digital music service that can say that – given that only Pandora’s accounting data is public. Some other cranky folks might argue that satellite services are digital as well.. But nonetheless, Slacker says they are doing well, and that’s good for them and the industry. (Now if only they would change their name..)

Not to be outdone, iHeartradio told us yesterday that they have reached the 30 million mark in terms of listeners, which is a very big number especially given the fact that they were at 20 million 7 months ago. iHeartradio has enormous capacity to ramp up its audience via its extensive network of AM/FM listeners.

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