Pairs with Muzu to offer Music Videos

Image representing as depicted in Crun... is now offering music videos in addition to streamed audio content to its European listeners, via a new partnership with The new feature will add 90,000 music videos to offerings. Videos will appear on artist pages, and also be integrated for “scrobbling“, the social tool that listeners can use to finetune their listening and discover new music.

While the feature is only available in Europe right now, it will be rolled out to other key markets soon. One can only imagine that the US will be one of those markets for CBS Interactive-owned is a deep interface for music discovery that is sometimes overlooked in conversations about streaming audio here in the US because they stopped offering on-demand streaming in 2010. Since then, they have continued to offer personalizable radio akin to Pandora, along with sharing and social tools that can integrate with other music platforms like Spotify for on-demand streaming.

Adding video in the form of 90,000 videos is substantial and a good move given the massive popularity of Youtube as an on-demand streaming option, one that is likely to increase’s viability in the streaming audio marketplace.

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