What If You Could Make More Time?

Adults in the US spend on average 2 hours and 21 minutes each day on their mobile devices, which is nearly an hour more than they were spending a year ago on them. That’s a number that represents nonvoice activities – so it’s not the time that you and I spend talking on our mobile phones, it’s all the other stuff. Adults now spend almost an hour more per day using their mobile device than they do listening to radio.

The new numbers on Average Time Spent with Major Media by Adults in the US, 2012 from eMarketer are interesting. These numbers are not time spent exclusively with one medium – the adults in the study may well have been, and probably were multi-tasking – spending time with two major media at the same time. While the average time spent with mobile is soaring, the time spent with other media is dropping, but not nearly at the same rate. For example, time spent with radio dropped six minutes from 2011 to 2012 – from 1:32 to 1:26 per day. While that’s nothing to ignore, and it is part of a downward trend, I’m sure you agree with me that it’s not a precipitous drop. The same is true for television, which lost 7 minutes from 2011 to 2012 (but their time spent number is nearly twice that of radio at over 4 hours per day). Print is another story for another day..

emarketer time spent 2012

This data shows that mobile isn’t gaining much of its time spent by adults by stealing it from other media. Instead, mobile is creating new media usage patterns that appear to be expanding the amount of time that adults in the US spend with media. That expansion probably comes from multi-tasking, with folks using their tablets while watching tv, etc., as well as new time spent with media in places where you hadn’t before.

Now this is interesting. Mobile media is expanding the time that adults in the US spend with media. Creating new dayparts, you could say. A little like making more time in a day..

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