Spotify Steps It Up With Original Content

I’ve always known that my friend Sandy Smallens was smart and innovative, so it comes as no surprise that one of the most innovative ideas to come out of Spotify involves him. Smallens is co-producer of the new original content series Spotify Landmark, which is in-depth audio content that provides “the story behind some of the greatest moments in music, told by the people who made them.”

The first series went live in mid-September and tells the back story of the making of Nirvana’s “In Utero” album – to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the making of that album. The series is divided up into short segments, and “each show blends intimate interviews with artists, producers, industry figures and celebrities to create a listening history of legendary albums, concerts and events.”

This is the kind of innovative content that will set a streaming platform apart. Original content can expand that platform’s relationship with listeners as well as artists, benefiting the brand in many ways. It’s also the kind of programming that especially suits Smallens, Spotify’s head of artist marketing and original content and Spotify Landmark’s co-producer, who is both a musician and a natural born marketer with a passion for streaming. I worked with him years back when he was involved in early digital platforms at CBSRadio and then Entercom. It looks like he’s found a great way to spend his time at Spotify…



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