Pandora Ranks Among Top Ten Sites Reaching Smartphone Users

comScore has released updated smartphone usage information for August. Pandora is the 9th most trafficked web property among US smartphone users, reaching 43.2% of total US smartphone mobile users over 18. Pandora’s mobile app ranks 8th on the list reaching 43.3%.

145 million people owned smartphones, representing nearly 61% of the population. That’s a number that jumped 3% since the last report in May. Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer, followed by Samsung. Android is the top smartphone platform, with 51.6% of the marketplace, with Apple’s platform at 40.7%.

While some may question the veracity of Pandora’s ratings, there’s no doubt that their reach in the mobile marketplace is huge. Here they sit, on a list of the top 15 sites with the deepest reach among mobile users, along with Google, Facebook and Amazon, and above CBS Interactive and Twitter…

comscore mobile usage 8.2013


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  1. […] of this comes courtesy of comScore, who compiled the list of TOP 15 SMARTPHONE APPS.  Here, we’ll list the ones that follow Facebook on the top […]

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